Mechanical Engineering Minor 2017 - 2018

Mechanical Engineering is the broadest of the engineering disciplines, concerned with anything that moves or uses energy. There are two major stems in mechanical engineering:  mechanical systems and thermal fluid systems.  Mechanical Engineers design, build, and analyze complex devices, systems and processes that involve the conversion of energy from one form to another, the production of work, and the transport of energy and mass from one location to another.  This minor provides a foundation in mechanical engineering, and is most appropriate for students with a strong mathematics and science background, such as a major in another engineering or science field.  The program is administered by the Volgenau School Dean's office.

Admission and Minor Requirement

To be admitted to the minor, students must have completed MATH 114 and PHYS 160/161 with a grade of C or better.  They also must satisfy the prerequisite and co-requisite requirements of each course in the minor.

The minor in mechanical engineering consists of 20-21 credit hours of minor requirements.  All students must complete 14 credit hours of core courses.  They must also choose one of three elective options.  All courses must be passed with a grade of C or better.

Core Requirements:

Core Requirements

Course code Course Name Credit hrs.
ENGR 107 or ME 151 Introduction to Engineering OR Practicum in Engineering 2
ME 211 Statics 3

ME 212

Solid Mechanics 3

ME 221

Thermodynamics 3

ME 231

Dynamics 3
Total Hours   14
Elective Requirements:

Option 1: Thermal Fluid Systems

Course code Course Name Credit hrs.
ME 322 Fluid Mechanics 3
ME 342 Design of Thermal Systems 3
Total Hours   6


Option 2: Mechanical Systems

Course code Course Name Credit hrs.
ME 313 Material Science 3
ME 341 Design of Mechanical Elements 3
Total Hours   6


Option 3: System Dynamics and Control

Course code Course Name Credit hrs.
ME 431 System Dynamics 3
ME 432 Control Engineering 4
Total Hours   7