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Our researchers are experts in thermal and fluid sciences, micro/nano mechanics, photonics, tribology, and energy-water nexus. Their laboratories are equipped to develop more energy-efficient systems, reduce wear on product components, synthesize new nanomaterials, improve health care, and enable advanced water treatment.

Improving Mechanical and Thermal Systems

Our Department of Mechanical Engineering makes an impact beyond the classroom

  • Faculty members are leaders in their fields, including thermal and fluid sciences, micro/nano mechanics, photonics, tribology, and energy-water nexus.
  • Our researchers publish their results in high-quality journals, and translate their findings to technologies that will benefit industry and government.
  • Our undergraduate students are fully engaged in research from the beginning of their studies, with ample opportunities to work with researchers from different areas.
  • Students' year-long capstone design projects involve teams of seniors who conceive, design, and produce solutions to sponsor-dictated mechanical engineering problems.

Our Faculty Members' Research Expertise 

Here's a look at our professors and their research topics:

  • Robert Handler and Juan Cebral research the areas of fluid and thermal sciences. Cebral's lab: Computational Hemodynamics Lab.
  • Pilgyu Kang investigates the areas of micro/nano mechanics and photonics with 2D materials in his lab
  • Jeffrey Moran researches in the area of micro-scale thermal fluid sciences in his lab
  • Pei Dong's group studies synthesis and applications of advanced materials in energy and water areas.
  • Ali Beheshti performs research in tribology, contact and interfacial mechanics. 

"Picture a tiny submarine, small enough that you need a microscope to see it, that propels itself through liquids despite having no moving parts. We are designing, modeling, and fabricating several varieties of these artificial microswimmers, and researching their applicability for applications including wastewater remediation, heat transfer enhancement, and cancer treatment."

— Jeffrey Moran, principal investigator for the Nano/micro-scale Transport Engineering Laboratory

Telemetry instrumented paint sprayers

Students in the Mechanical Engineering Department get an inside look at the challenges of research projects while doing their two-semester senior capstone design projects. This group created a telemetry instrumented paint sprayer for their project.

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