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Our department’s outstanding faculty, new labs, and modern curriculum will give you the academic background and practical training you’ll need for a wide range of careers in engineering.

Make an Impact with Mechanical Engineering 

We offer a bachelor of science degree or a minor in mechanical engineering. Mason Engineering also has a PhD in information technology with a mechanical engineering concentration.

In our undergraduate mechanical engineering program, you'll learn how to design and analyze mechanical and thermal systems and gain in-depth knowledge in one of these two areas. With this foundation, you’ll be prepared to enter the industry of your choice.

You’ll get hands-on experience throughout the curriculum taught by engineers, scientists, and industry experts, culminating in your senior design project. Those projects are sponsored by companies in the Washington D.C. area, creating real-world experiences for our students.

While you're here, you'll learn how to improve your skills and discover new technologies. You'll also establish a foundation for life-long learning to master new techniques throughout your career, putting you a step ahead of your peers.

Mechanical engineering lab

Students are working in the new fluid dynamics and heat transfer lab at the SciTech Campus. Pictured here: Esteban Perez (left), Luke Jameson, lab manager Elisabeth Lattanzi, and Wint Zaw.

“Our students are lucky to have state-of-the-art spaces and equipment to complement the theories they’ve learned in their courses.”

— Lab manager Elisabeth Lattanzi, instructor mechanical engineering

Information for Students

Students create ultrasound probe to measure muscle activity

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